Find What Sings to Your Soul

Meet Sarah

My Story

Although I was nervous to leave my career, jewelry was all I could focus on. I quit my job to follow my craft. I went on to study under a master goldsmith and his team, as well as a studio jeweler. There I learned invaluable skills in traditional gold smithing, antique restoration and repair, diamond setting and design.

Now in my own studio, I am using my trained background to create what sings to my soul.

After my mother passed away, I fell in love with the power of a memento. Jewelry is used as a gift to show love, to yourself or another. It is used to celebrate a personal milestone. Sometimes it is used as a family heirloom, or in remembrance of a lost loved one. I am romanced by the idea of a piece of jewelry preserving a memory. Every day I wear a piece of my mother's jewelry and this is one of the ways I carry her with with me.

Our earth produces magical treasures in the form of stones, crystals and metals. In each one, you can feel its song. Vibrating with the earth. I work with raw crystals and imperfect metal design to reflect that what the earth creates is already flawless.

I invite you to shop my collection to find the jewelry that sings to your soul.

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