Heaven and earth

Heaven and earth

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Hello moon child! You have found your match.

You like to make a statement with your jewelry. You are synchronized with the moon and her cycles. You appreciate what the earth creates but are a star gazer at heart. 

This stunning slice of amethyst moon is set with a crystal garden in aged copper, bringing the elements of heaven and earth into one.

This moon pendant is large and in charge! Measuring about 3 inches long and across, it is the perfect piece to attract your vibe and your tribe.


A peek into my process:

This piece of jewelry is created by hand with a unique process called Electroforming.

I start with the stone or crystal and add my design in copper metal around it.

Then the piece is painted in conducive paint, and hooked up to an anode of copper (a highly conductive metal) and an electrical circuit. The piece sits in a magic potion for sometimes up to 24 hours as the current runs through it.

This process “grows” the copper on the parts of the piece that are able to conduct an electric current. By playing with the amps and volts of the current I can create different textures in the metal.

The lines, bubbles and bumps you see are ELECTRICITY in physical form!

After the piece is removed from the magic potion it is finished with sanding, filing, and polishing by hand.

Finally, I hand paint a Patina to each piece. Creating an antique and ancient artifact look.


This electric alchemy creates one of a kind designs and each piece will come out completely unique. Sometimes even to the surprise of me, as the creator! It is a labor of love and trust in the workings of the universe that makes each piece so special.